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This is a great way to teach children!! My child not only enjoys watching these animations but also understands the concepts easily. Now I don't need to force him to sit and study, he does it on his own!

Mrs Monali Kamat

My child's recall value has increased considerably after the consistent use of Periwinkle e-learning software. The readily available software (with images and videos) saves time and makes it easier for working parents like us to educate their children. In fact, we too learn a thing or two from them.

Mrs Dolly Banerjee

Seeing and hearing together are more convincing and effective than simply hearing from the teacher or parent. My child loves to look at the pictures of different kinds and does not get bored while hearing the audio. This has created a sense of "wanting to learn" in her.

Mrs Sinha
About us

Periwinkle aspires and aims to bring the child closer to these international standards of learning. Periwinkle facilitates better education and understanding for your child to build a better future for himself/herself and for the world.

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